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Happy New Year 2010 to all our loyal customers!

We continue to improve our soil and our grasses by ammending our pastures with organic compost tea, and then by feeding the natural biology (which we call our micro-herd) with two annual sprayings of HYDROLYSISED FISH, for nitrogen - HUMIC ACID, to feed the fungi, and MOLASSES, to feed the bacterii.

This is a very expensive regimen, and we think it is worth the expense because or our dedication to nutrient dense food, and to producing the very best eggs possible. That is why you buy our eggs, and we are conscious of your desire for an ethical egg.

Some producers of "pastured organic eggs" adhere to the letter of the law, but totally ignore the true spirit of organic standards in the name of profit from the "organic" brand. This saddens me, but that is life in the year 2010. Bankers, Wall Street, you know the names of the profiteers. Be careful of labels on eggs, they are very opaque and do not tell the true story of what is inside the carton that you purchase for your family. The USDA Organic Seal can and is, misused and abused.

Ask, where were these eggs produced, has the soil been independently tested, have there been tissue samples of the grassed sampled and tested?

Can you see an analysis of the nutrients of the "pastured organic eggs" offered for sale? You can see ours at Mother Earth website -

Our supply of eggs lasts in Whole Foods Market for about four days, they are stocked on Friday and are sold out by Sunday or Monday, this is because we produce all our own eggs on our little 90 acre organic farm in Elgin, Texas, we do not broker eggs from other farms over which we have no control.

Thank you once again for choosing to purchase the eggs that we lovingly and carefully produce for your familys health and well being.

Happy New Year 2010 to all - From Jeremiah and the workers at Coyote Creek Farm.

Customer Testimonial - Thanks!!

The Incredible, Edible Eggheads at Coyote Creek Farm

Elgin’s Coyote Creek Farms can be found in bakeries, like Lauren Hubele’s Bona Dea Bread in Austin, but not in the way you might suspect. Dedicated to sustainable, organic farming, and ranching practices, coupled with the humane treatment of all farm animals, Coyote Creek Farm provides eggs, meats and more to locally owned and operated Central Texas businesses and farms.

But if you don’t live in the Elgin area, don’t fret, you can purchase the farm’s eggs exclusively at your local Whole Foods Market.

As they explain on their site, Coyote Creek’s claim of offering the “World’s Best Eggs” is not bragging, it is more of a classification. “Currently our eggs are very nutrient dense, higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and lower in cholesterol than eggs produced in confined conditions. One of the reasons that our eggs are more nutrient dense is that our organic pastures are treated with compost tea four times a year. Compost Tea, in simplest terms, is extracting the biology from organic compost into a water solution, multiplied with molasses, humic acid, volcanic rock, greensand and so forth. The result is a micro-herd of protozoa and nematodes that feed on the bacteria and fungi produced together in the compost tea,” says Coyote Creek farmer, Jeremiah Cunningham.

I guess the only thing missing is diatomaceous earth – sorry – just had to type one of my most favorite phrases to say. Anyway, the next time you’re shopping for eggs, so Texas. Being a farm girl myself, I can assure you that farm eggs in particular are amazing in both their flavor and color. Vibrant orange yolks and creamy texture and taste, farm eggs have no equal. And Coyote Creek’s eggs are no exception.
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