Thursday, February 3, 2011

Open Letter to President Obama - Stop Genetically Modified Alfalfa

President Obama and First Lady Michelle -
I am a small family farmer who wholeheartedly supported your election as my president.
I would like to continue my support, but, I cannot do so in light of your capitulation to Monsanto in allowing Genetically Modified Alfalfa to be grown in America.
First of all this is a totally unnecessary crop, since according to Michael Pollan 93% of all Alfalfa is grown without herbicides anyway, so this only benefits Monsanto while putting at dire risk an entire segment of our national farming and food economy.
By your caving in to Monsanto's demands you are putting at great and unneeded risk the organic dairy business, also the total extinction of Alfalfa other than Monsanto's patented GM-Alfalfa. And who exactly benefits from all of this, sir?
You have appointed far too many Monsanto executives in your administration and they are making rules that affect millions of us who are feeling increasingly distraught, helpless and angry at being controlled by one huge corporation with enough clout to determine the farm and environmental policy of your administration.
Mr. Vilsak, a biotech governor and supporter seemingly tried to meet all of us small farmers half way in placing planting restrictions of Monsanto's GE-Alfalfa, but your administration embarrassed him and make him back down from his earlier decision - that sir, is totally unacceptable to millions of us - not just GMO opponents, but any sensible, freedom loving middle class American who detests being unfairly controlled by those with the levers of power at the federal level.
I am personally calling on you to show us your mettle and your common sense to help the common men and women who elected you as our president and stop the USDA approval of Monsanto's Genetically Modified Alfalfa at once!

By doing this you not only restore the loyalty of millions of us to your ideals, hopes and dreams – you also assure the success of Michelle’s garden in your backyard, and you assure your children’s right to choose the kind of food they choose to eat for generations to come.

This is an historical decision Mr. President, please do the right thing – Stop Genetically Modified Alfalfa.

Respectfully submitted,
Jerry Cunningham
Elgin, Texas USA

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elleplante said...

Great letter, Jerry.