Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The New American Diet . . .

The New American Diet -
The one without bug poisons and weed poisons and meat poisons.

We already grow enough food to nourish the nine billion people estimated to be here in a few years, for we eat only about one third of those crops. The rest goes to feeding animals for food, most of that to beef. Monsanto’s lie about not being able to produce enough food to feed the world without biotech is one of the flimsiest of all lies yet that lie is being received as the truth by a gullible press, politicians and populace alike.

Please stop eating Grain-Fed Beef – that will hit the subsidized corn producers where it hurts, and at the same time take away revenue from Monsanto. Genetically Modified Grain-fed beef is produced in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO’s) and is laden with Antibiotics and Hormones the source of many illnesses that our children and their parents are suffering from today.

Figure this one out: We are the FATTEST nation on earth. Type 2 Diabetes is an epidemic, and yet your congress is awarding $3Billion of your tax dollars to corn production! Look at the labels on your grocery shelf: High Fructose Corn Syrup – Soy Protein Isolates. The corn and the soy grown by being drenched with glyphosates and other eco-poisons. You are a Frog in the slowly heating water and your health is in serious decline if you are eating Genetically Modified ingredients in your foods.

Don’t you really think that someone as proud of their achievements as the BioTech biggies would be happy to put their label on their product? Wonder why they don’t do that? Seems fair to me, how about you?

Find Grass-Fed beef in your home area, and cut down your beef consumption for greater health, a four to six ounce portion of beef along with vegetables and whole grains will lead to a healthier you. Eat half or more of your meals without meat.

Ethanol from corn is another huge waste of a food crop. The poor in developing countries can live for a year on what it takes to fill one American SUV with ethanol fuel. Ethanol from Corn is not energy policy, it is Money Policy, one that benefits a select few to the detriment of all Americans.

Yours, and my tax dollars are being passed along gratuitously to Corn and Soybean farmers and thus to Monsanto by the billions of dollars each year. Monsanto cycles a large part of that money back to politicians who serve as their marketing arm here and abroad. Demand a stop to this senseless subsidy of crops that we have too much of already, that has led to rampant corruption of our government and lack of choice for Americans at the grocery stores.

And, demand a stop to placing Monsanto’s and other Corporation’s executives in government positions of making rules and regulations that benefit their corporate masters. This is a BIG one. From the Supreme Court, to Congress to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, to U.S. Department of State, to the USDA, to the FDA.

Too much power in too few hands, all of which are palms up, waiting for their share of your loot, your health and your welfare be damned.

How long shall we tolerate these crimes against the American populace? A peaceful revolution is in order. If not now, When?

Revolutions take time to develop, and one day a critical mass is reached with the American people, a flash point happens that awakens us and ignites a fury strong enough to rid ourselves of corporate thuggery. The clock is ticking and the steam is building up! Stay the course and stay engaged.

Authors note: It is rumored that Monsanto has Private Investigators and Enforcers to play some bad things on people who speak out too loudly the truth about their products and their methods. So if something untoward happens to me in the near future – please see if there was criminal intervention by these afore mentioned corporate gangsters and corrupt politicians.

Just one generation back America’s top 1% of earners got 9% of total national income, today they control 23+% - much of that 14% gain going to corrupted politicians, judges and regulators to complete a corporate coup d’├ętat of our nation. That should fire you up!

Take action! Raise some hell, call your President, write to your Senator, email your Congressman, post to your local Newspaper.

Act and React for the right to know what is in your food.

Label GMO’s, that is our right to know and choose and it is now our demand!


Internet Strategist said...

I am thrilled to finally find an established Texas rancher who understands the importance of organic production.

I hope to see your site become THE role model for Texas cattle ranchers who still have not figured out that injecting every feeder calf with growth hormones and feeding them antibiotic-laced feed is NOT healthy. I tried to tell my neighbors who raised cattle in Falls County - even asked if they would be doing that stuff if they were eating them - and they just didn't "get it".

The demand for grass-fed beef and organic grain will take off as soon as more people who are already on board with eating healthy find more sources. NOW is the time for Texas cattle ranchers to start growing and buying organically grown hay and grain.

I'm off to spread the word - so happy there is FINALLY an organic grain mill in Texas!

freeranger said...

Good to see you speaking out. Here in Australia we have the same issues - just not as big. Unfortunately our Government and poliicians generally all worship at the big business altar.